This is up-and-coming

up-and-coming  International Film Festival Hannover is a festival for ambitious filmmakers up to the age of 27 from Germany and all over the world.

The festival is both a german and an international competition for films made by the up-and-coming generation. That means films are nominated either for the german or the international competition. Both programs run in parallel.

The festival takes place every two years. It’s a discovery festival, a meeting place and a springboard for young talents. There are no limits to subject or duration of a film.

Its 15th edition will take place in Hannover/Germany from 21st to 24th November 2019.

For the 14th up-and-coming  festival 2017 more than 3000 films from 54 countries were available for preselection.  85 films had been selected for the international competition program, 82 films for the national competition program.

The length of the films shown was between 1 minute and 45 Minutes.

Each film and its makers are introduced by the festival presenters. The members of the national and international jury, exclusively selected for each festival, are viewing all films along with the audience for the first time. At the end of the festival, the live jury has to come to a decision and awards the prizes.

The festival has discovered many talents in the past who are now take up film professionally or have been awarded important film prizes in the meantime. This supports the fact that youth film festivals really do brace young filmmakers. This group has massive potential for creative talent; talent just waiting to be discovered and cultivated. For films by young people, pupils or students is rare specific and long-term funding neither by schools nor by official film funding.

The up-and-coming  festival initiates support for these young ambitious artists while they are still in this highly motivated and enthusiastic age group.

up-and-comings history and former up-and-coming  participants

The festival was founded in 1982 by a private initiative in Hannover under the name ‚First Federal Film Festival for Pupils’. In celebration of the tenth festival in 1999, the festival got the name up-and-coming and went global. Meanwhile, the festival has established its own international network linking more than 60 countries into a world-wide forum for young film makers.

Many film makers received their first recognition at this festival, motivating them to continue in film. For them, the festival became a springboard into successful careers.

Our sponsor, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has evaluated a period of 20 years of our festival. The result is that 65 percent of the former participants of the german competition ended up in the film and television industry.

Among the festival’s most prominent shooting stars are until now 6 german OSCAR winners: among others: Volker Engel ( OSCAR Academy Award Special Effects for Independence Day). He started at our festival with a Super8 Animation.


Caspar Stracke
(Video Artist, Curator, Berlin)

(Media Design, ASAGAYA College of Art & Design, Tokyo)

Mostafa Youssef
(SEMAT – production and distribution; independent young film makers, Cairo)

Rajat Nagpal
(producer, director: film, art and performance, Mumbai)

Francis Théberge
(director of art group TIND – thisisnotdesign, director of Dérapage – festival for video art at UQAM University of Quebec in Montréal)

Tess Renaudo
(L’ALTERNATIVA – Independent Film Festival, Barcelona)

Zhou Fei
(video artist, Hang Zhou)

Connie Lam Suk Yee
(Hong Kong Arts Centre)

Sun Cong
(Beijing Film Academy, School of Animation)

Xiang Wang
(Youth Film Studio, Beijing Film Academy)

Wang Tae
(Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts, South Korea)

Solange Farkas
(videobrasil – International Electronic Art Festival, Sâo Paulo)

Amedeo D'Adamo
(Travelling Film School, Milano / Los Angeles)

Ingunn Myklevoll Sjøen
(Filmkraft Rogaland, Stavanger)

Gabrielle Kelly
(Associate Arts Professor, NYU Film School, Tisch School of the Arts – Asia, Singapur)

Hermann Greuel
(NUFF – The Nordic Youth Film Festival, Tromsø)

Prof. Uli Plank
(Institute for Media Research, Braunschweig University of Arts)

Grahame Weinbren
(School of Visual Arts, New York)

The festival is supported by an international committee:

Pedro Almodovar; Blixa Bargeld; Volker Engel; Valie Export; Peter Greenaway; Aki Kaurismäki; Udo Kier; Alexander Kluge; Marie-Jo Lafontaine; Jack Lang; Lars von Trier; Ali Samadi; Dennis Gansel