Don't try to copy - be yourself, trust yourself, have your very own visions.

up-and-coming International Film Festival Hannover is a festival for ambitious filmmakers up to the age of 27 from Germany and all over the world.

The festival is both a german and an international competition for films made by the up-and-coming generation. The festival takes place every two years. It’s a discovery festival, a meeting place and a springboard for young talents. There are no limits to subject or duration of a film.

Here we go!

The up-and-coming  Int. Film Festival Hannover starts its 17th round.

From November 22nd to 26th, 2023 we will open the cinema doors again.True to our motto — up-and-coming connecting film talents with experience and passion — we want to bring you together and network with each other, because together you are much stronger than you think.

But in order to be able to show films, you have to deliver your works to us. We take them all: long or short, documentary or fiction, let your creativity run wild.

Closing date: August 1, 2023

As always, we are looking for the special, the creative, the innovative and the original. We want to show work that is imaginative, unusual, humorous, provocative and idiosyncratic. First film attempts are particularly welcome. When making the selection, the focus is not on technical perfection, but on the originality and independence of the idea and cinematic implementation. We are looking for cinematic lateral thinkers, film maniacs and do-it-yourselfers.

Everything important about the event and the regulations can be found here.