former u-a-c / - CITYZOOMS participant at MAPPING FESTIVAL

Francis Théberge with his own VJ set in Geneva

The multiple up-and-comingparticipant and video artist Francis Théberge (Montréal) has his own live performance ( a VJ set, 15mins) with TIND (thisisnotdesign) at the MAPPING Festival (VJING + AUDIOVISUAL Festival) 2008) in Geneva (Switzerland): "I did all the audio + video parts myself - I love doing audio since I took part in CITYZOOMS Hannover (2006)! So: thank you CITYZOOMS for making me discovering this!!!" Francis Théberge

At the up-and-comingfestival 2005, Francis Théberge was the curator of the program WOUNDS & VISIONS OF A MEGALOPOLISfrom Montréal and mentor at the special SPRUNGBRETT, an up-and-coming initiative