CITYZOOMS>>ZOOMing in on Hannover: 02.-06. October 2006

12 international film teams are taking the city to pieces

From Tokyo to Cairo, from New York to Buenos Aires – 12 of the world’s best young international film and video artists are coming to Hannover for a unique film production.
Together with 12 specially selected young German film makers, they will be roaming through the city for five days making short films based on their impressions.
What will the 12 teams zoom on? What will catch their focus? What role do the different cultures of the film makers play in this?
For CITYZOOMS, each team is allocated its own part of the city – a zoom that it figuratively pans and is inspired by.
These zooms split Hannover’s city area into twelve completely new sectors.
In the course of CITYZOOMS, the teams will create 12 short films, each 3 minutes long: stories, short impressions, snippets of the city...
The films will be screened at the opening night and world première in Hannover on 6. October 2006.
All the films, as well as a documentary, will be available in the form of a DVD. The project shows how intercultural collaboration can work and be transferred.
CITYZOOMS is an initiative of the up-and-comingInt. Film Festival Hannover and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Science and Education as part of the film>>up project.