Former u-a-c participants at videobrasil

Their works selected for the 17. international electronic art festival in São Paulo

SARA, the latest video installation by Argentinian film maker Federico Lamas, has been selected for the 17. Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporanea, Panoramas Do Sul, Competencia oficial (2011) in São Paulo, Brazil. Lamas took part with 2 films in competition at the 9. u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover (2007). President and curator of videobrasil is Solange Oliveira Farkas, a member of the international jury at u-a-c 2007. Further ex-u-a-c film makers at videobrasil 2011 are Maya Watanabe (Peru; her film MY DEAR GRANDMA, in competition 2009; she’s a member of, as well as Federico Lamas) and Marcellvs.L (Brazil; his film in competition 2007: 0434).