Big in Japan

Former u-a-c prize award winner enjoys success as a script writer

TOKUNAGA Tomihikos (*1975) films [cameRa] and [vIdEo], had been screened successfully at the international competition programs of the u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover. Today he's working as a script writer for the most popular TV drama in Japan: "AIBOU" ("The Partner"), broadcasted by tv asahi. TOKUNAGA expressed his thanks to u-a-c: "I succeeded in getting there because u-a-c has discovered and encouraged me. Thanks a lot! It is a very beautiful memory to me - at that time I had been very poor but very free!"
[cameRa] won the International Film Comet at the 6. u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover (2001); jury's comment: "Of all the films we have watched this is the most controversial, for its immediacy, and the relentless ambiguity between reality and fiction. The film is radical in its production, rejecting „commercial“ production values, „rude“ and courageous in all ways."
The international jury of the 7.u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover (2003) awarded the FLYING CAMERA to [vIdEo] - a special prize for the artistically most innovative film, donated by the kestnergesellschaft Hannover; jury’s comment: "A film with a strong and innovative narrative form where multi-layered time and spatial fragments are clashing."
TOKUNAGA Tomihiko took part as a mentor in SPRUNGBRETT - Young film makers in collaboration with successful former u-a-c participants, a pilot project that took place to coincide with the 8. u-a-c Int. Film Festival Hannover (2005).