awards of the international competition u-a-c 2009

International Young Film Makers Award: here are the winners




Jury of the international competition: Valerie Saunders (Norway), Gabrielle Kelly (U.S.A), Alexandro Rodriguez (Mexico).

3 International Young Film Makers Awards

A DAY IN A LIFE, China, 18 min, KWOK Zune

Comment: The universal theme of loneliness of the elder generation is beautifully realized in this sory of a strong spirit unbroken by her difficult life.

BABA AB DAD (FATHER GAVE WATER), Iran, 3 min, Mahdi Jafari

Comment: This is a story of feeling alone but not being alone, of one kid’s compassion for another.

MOON CHILDREN, Switzerland, 5 min, Ursula Ulmi

Comment: This enchanting fairy tale impressed us all. Every aspect of the production – sound, music, art and story – is an achievement and inspiration.


Honorable Mention

ZANAV (Tail), Israel, 28 min, Veronica Kedar

Comment: Disturbing, daring and edgy, this story speaks for the outcast and the loner. A strong uncompromising vision of the director.


Sponsorship / Mentor Program

Deeply impressed by the incredible creativity of the films she saw as a member of the jury for the international competition of u-a-c 2009, Valerie Saunders (managing director and producer / representative of Norway in the film production company ZENTROPA) announced the following at the awards ceremony: ZENTROPA Norway will take charge of a sponsorship / mentor program in script consulting for the next two years for the 3 winners of the International Young Film Makers Award as well as for the film maker who received an ‚honorable mention’. ZENTROPA Norway will act as consultants, offering the film makers advice about the script development of their future film projects.

To all winners of the International Young Film Makers Award 2009: please follow the 10 commandments (list of moral standards), Valerie Saunders announced at the awards ceremony of u-a-c 2009,  on 22. November 2009, in Hannover.

For the next 2 years, ZENTROPA Norway is your GOD.

Don’t just talk about what you want do or how good you do it – just do it!

Be generous and all good things will come back to you.

Think positive – optimism is free and doesn’t hurt.

The good story doesn’t care who came up with it, but be responsible and conscious of the stories you tell.

Be loyal to your ideas and intuition.

Pay attention to the world around you and tell us what you see.

Don’t steal other’s ideas, music, literary work. Clear all copyrights of properties which don’t belong to you.

When you win your next prize – thank your mother – always remember your mom.

Exercise, eat, sleep and make love – but go to bed early.