2 former u-a-c participants from Bombay make sense together

an experimental video-art project

Rahim Murge Pe Mat Ro is the title of a 1minute film by Rajat Nagpal and Dev Makhija shortlisted by some insiders as 'one of my favourite film of the year'.You can check Rajat Nagpals exciting/personal diary when making Rahim Murge Pe Mat Rohere.

Director/producer Rajat Nagpal and writer/poet Devashish Makhija, both from Bombay, first got to know each other at theu-a-c special Wounds & Visions of a Megalopolis (2007) when curator Rajat was searching for a poet from Bombay to introduce his work in Hannover.

Rajat Nagpal also took part as a film maker in CITYZOOMS 2006, and he is the curator for India at filmaholiX.de, the internet portal of u-a-c for young visionary international film makers.