when two former u-a-c participants join their ventures

Federico Lamas (Buenos Aires) and Francis Théberge (Montréal) and a jockey

Former up-and-comingparticipantsFederico Lamas (Buenos Aires) and FrancisThéberge (Montréal) first met eachother at the filmworkshop CITYZOOMS in Hannover (2006); both film makers shared their ideas - and joined for a new short film project / VJ set: SEED OF CHARLES, C OF CHAMP.

Federico Lamas will stay for the next months in São Paulo (Brasil): as 'artist in residence', a scholarship for artists, sponsored a.o. by the renowned International Electronic Art Festival VideoBrasil; Solange Farkas, head of the festival, has been a member of the international u-a-c jury in 2007.