A winners report

Zune Kwok from Hong Kong, winner of the International Young Film Makers Award u-a-c 2009, joined Zentropa Norway

Deeply impressed by the incredible creativity of the films she saw as a member of the jury for the international competition of u-a-c 2009, Valerie Saunders (managing director and producer / representative of Norway in the film production company ZENTROPA) announced the following at the awards ceremony: ZENTROPA Norway will take charge of a sponsorship / mentor program in script consulting for the next two years for the 3 winners of the International Young Film Makers Award.

Zune Kwok, his film A DAY IN A LIFE was awarded, reports:

In March 2011, I finished a synopsis of my new short film.
The working title is called "Jasmine Waft". It is a story about a broken family being brought together by a scent of Jasmine. For some reason the draft was kept in my drawer for 2 years but it keeps kicking my mind sometimes.
As for the award of Up and Coming Film Festival 2009, I got an precious mentor program in script consulting. So I sent my story to ZENTROPA Norway after translated into English.
That's a great opportunity to have professional opinions.
Megan Gallagher, our script consultant of the program, gave a prompt reply. And I'm impressed by that sincere, valuable feedback and suggestions.
Not only in terms of storytelling skills, but the theme, characters' settings, even in minor details, visual and auditory treatment, Megan offered me a lot of advice.
As I am going to direct this film by myself, these comments are really helpful.
Besides that, Megan and Valerie (Jury of International competition 2009, head of ZENTROPA Norway) also gave encouraging words to this project. To be honest, it is always good to get encouragement as an independent film director. :)
"Jasmine Waft" is still under story development at the moment. Definitely I hope to learn more with my other ongoing project ideas.
Thanks to U-A-C festival and ZENTROPA Norway for this fruitful experience.